Brian’s guitar pick is so much thicker than Zack’s, it’s ridiccccc.

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Words can’t describe how much i admire you and how much you, and your band mean to me. 
Happy Birthday, you amazing, talented and wonderful man.

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Oh, fuck me.

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This person wants $300 for one of Zacky’s pink cupcake guitar picks.

I really hate people. Like, seriously? A guitar pick? I understand it’s rare but that’s just taking advantage of people.

I gotta somehow become friends with Zacky’s guitar tech Friday so I get like two of those picks. And then I’ma keep one and put the other on here as a contest for reaching 1k followers here and 100 separate sales on etsy. Sobs.

Aw my synacky gifset reached 1k

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"No such fucking word as knifes."

"Oh, no? Well then what does Tony do to Bernardo in West Side Story? I’ll tell you what, he knifes him."

Orange Is the New Black 
Jenji Kohan

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fruit salad 

*deep voice* yummy yummy

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