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Yes, I take selfies with my geetar.

Yes, I take selfies with my geetar.

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Assemble by Blule

Leaving it at that :*

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I think it's unfair to blame all of a7x business decisions on a tiny blog that opened not long ago. If that was the case every band that has ever been created got more difficult to get access to the bigger they became because fan opinions and not more public demand and $$ opportunities. Believe or not tumblr is not the core of a7x fandom. Sure opinion don't help as they give people ideas but they are not the biggest problem.

I have been apart of the A7X fandom for 8+ years now surprisingly and when I was just a kid in the damn single digits I had so much love for them. I stayed online on different forums reading things about them all day and it was never this bad. Nowadays, the hate is virtually everywhere. And not just tumblr. One blog is not the issue but it’s the shit fans that choose to populate it that definitely are. Because, after all, it’s the fans that make those things successful in the first place.

And of course it’s not the reason why management does what it does - but why the hell should management or the band care when fans complain when they see all the shit that’s spewed about them from those same so called fans?

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Rant time.

Opinion blogs are the bane of the A7X fandom. (Cough, cough, one in particular.) If you scraped the bottom of the barrel for every moronic thought about the boys and every jealous fangirl’s spiteful comments about the wives you’d be looking at all the lowlife, spineless anonymous “opinions” on those blogs. Every time I read something on there, I feel like I’m dropping IQ points.

And people wonder why A7X don’t want anything to do with fans these days, or why it’s thousands of dollars to meet them, or why Zacky has deleted nearly all his social media (and trust me, he used to post every week on vengenz1.com on his real blog and not this bullshit that it’s turned into, so don’t even) and it’s because of fans that populate blogs like that and say terrible, untrue things about the boys and the people who associate with them because they’re jealous pricks with nothing better to do. No one wants to read awful things about themselves or hear it. I’m sure if you found out someone who supposedly loved you was also spilling rumors about your relationship being a failure and you being a scumbag, you’d be pretty pissed off and hurt too.

It’s the same people that claim to love A7X oh so much that take it way too fucking far time and time again. If you actually love the boys like you claim to, why can’t you just shut up with the stupid comments? It’s literally as if everyone has reverted to elementary school with this “he did this, he does that” bullshit. Get over it.

And so it’s that part of the fandoms fault why it’s $950 bucks to get a backstage tour and not even MEET the band. Because why the fuck would management want them to meet shitty fans like that anyway! Waste of time.

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